Saturday, November 18, 2006

Feed Your Head-The Artistic Wonderland of Grace Slick

Yes, you read right…Grace Slick, as in legendary classic rock singer of Jefferson Airplane. I live in Charlotte North Carolina and a local art gallery, The Wentworth Gallery, held a special showing of Ms. Slick’s artwork. The artist herself was there, seated behind a table and chatting to an admiring crowd from 6 PM-9 PM.

I attended, helping myself to a complimentary glass of red wine and milled around the exhibit of bright, colorful paintings. According to Creative Loafing, Ms. Slick is 67 years old. She makes a bold, striking appearance with her lush, long white hair pulled back from her strong features and has a wonderful speaking voice (what I got to hear of it, because the crowd was thick around her).

Her exhibit consists of her paintings of Alice in Wonderland, some portraits of her rock-n-roll friends (also legends), several nude line drawings and a few other striking pieces.

I had two favorite paintings. The first one was titled JANIS WOOD NYMPH. Ms. Slick wrote about this painting, “Puckish – the Wood Nymph – a Jello and iron woman/girl.” She also describes Janis as “radiant and consuming.”

My second favorite was DORMOUSE. It’s a painting of Wonderland’s Dormouse juggling above his head a bunch of colorful letters. Ms. Slick says of the painting, “In my picture, which is completely outside the realm of the book, this little guy is delighting in the beauty of words. Feed your head. What I take from the book is my own stream of conscious and what you take is another view of the paranormal.” As an author and poet, I totally fell in love with the whole concept of this piece!

Ms. Slick and her artwork will be at The Wentworth Gallery for one more showing tomorrow (Saturday, 11/18) from 6 PM to 9 PM at the SouthPark Mall in Charlotte NC. Her artwork can be viewed online by Flash Player at Of course the art’s priced in the thousands of dollars. However, I really enjoyed the rare opportunity to actually walk around, view her work, have a glass of fine wine and catch a glimpse or two of Grace Slick. It was totally worth it!

(Photo scanned from Creative Loafing)

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Blogger ThatBrunette said...

Thank you for posting about Grace Slick. I knew she was into painting but I hadn't seen any of her work.

9:45 AM  
Blogger Katrina Strauss said...

What an amazing opportunity! Glad you got to go and see her work!

And Grace is still looking good after all these years!

1:12 PM  

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