Friday, November 10, 2006

Jack Palance 1917-2006

Actor Jack Palance will be best remembered for his movie roles such as the craggy-faced menace in "Shane," "Sudden Fear" and other films, but he also turned successfully to comedy in his 70s with his Oscar-winning self-parody in "City Slickers”.

However, most vampire movie fans will remember him as Count Dracula. According to Wikipedia, in 1973, a major television movie version of DRACULA starring Palance was produced by Dan Curtis, best known for producing the gothic soap opera Dark Shadows from a script by sci-fi favorite Richard Matheson.

Filmed in Yugoslavia and England, it was a relatively faithful to the novel, though it tried to paint Dracula as a tragic, rather than evil, character in search of his lost love. It also drew the connection between Dracula and the historical figure of Vlad the Impaler, which was a popular notion at the time. In these respects, it is a close fore-runner to Coppola's later film. This film can be purchased on DVD through and other movie resourses.


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Blogger Loretta said...

Jack Palance was a great actor. Enjoyed watching him in the City Slicker and other show that he was in. He will surely be missed.

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