Thursday, November 09, 2006

Interview with Scrap Fairy Designs

Today I’m happy to be interviewing Julie, who is one of the owners of SCRAP FAIRY DESIGNS. SFD creates promotional videos and designs MySpace sites for authors, publishers and their books.

Sabrina: Julie, will you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Julie: I am an obsessed reader who decided to turn her love of romance reading into a multi-faced career. I am an online bookseller, BookPeek creator, MySpace page designer, and an aspiring author. I know it sounds like a lot, and it is, but I love every minute of it. I currently dwell in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina where I spend all of my time either in front of the computer or with my family.

Sabrina: Why did you decide to begin Scrap Fairy Designs?

Julie: In 2006, my partner and good friend Kendra and I wanted to give authors with little or no budget the opportunity to have a book video. As a natural extension of that we saw a need to help authors not familiar with MySpace realize the huge potential market already in place for authors and readers alike. With MySpace there is a lot more you can do to reach those potential readers besides just having a site.

Sabrina: What does Scrap Fairy Designs offer for authors?

Julie: We offer quality videos and MySpace sites at affordable prices. You can purchase videos and custom MySpace designs from us in a range of $100 to $250. Videos are placed on several different upload sites, the author’s site, our MySpace page as well as links on reader groups. With MySpace design you not only get the initial design but we offer education that helps you market effectively as well as a maintenance plan for updating your page.

Sabrina: What makes your company different from other video book promo companies?

Julie: Our love for the romance genre and all of its forms. Our prices and our dedication to authors and readers.

Sabrina: What do you believe is in the future for video book promotions?

Julie: As Book Videos grow in popularity, distribution is growing as well. It is our hope that it will become standard for bookstores to have book videos playing on their in-store TV area. And for review sites to offer links to the author video as well as place of purchase.

Sabrina: How can authors get in touch with you to discuss promotional videos?

Julie: We can be reached at &

Thanks, Julie, for an awesome interview! We’re looking forward to seeing more from SCRAP FAIRY DESIGNS in the very near future!


Sabrina Luna writes Spicy Romance with a Touch of Magick. One of her current ebooks, CRIMSON AMBROSIA, has a promotional video created by SCRAP FAIRY DESIGNS on her MySpace site --check it out!


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