Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ebook Reader Appreciation Contest-TODAY!

Email your answers to by midnight 11/16.

All correct entries will be placed in a random drawing and the lucky winner will receive a copy of SPELLBOUND (or a special gift if you’ve already got the ebook).

Good Luck!

1. The first two novels of Katrina Strauss' series, The Eldritch Legacy, are available through what e-publisher?

2. What company created Sabrina’s book promo video for CRIMSON AMBROSIA?

3. What is the weight and height of the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen Harbor?

4. What actress posed with fetish model Dita von Teese for the Flaunt Magazine photo shoot?

5. Who was the writer/director of the indie film SHORTBUS?

6. What actress plays famous 50's pinup queen Bettie Page in this biographical movie?

7. Name one of the two sites Sabrina picked for her choice of the new Seven Wonders.

8. What does the Latin word "lupa" mean?

9. Where was the 1973 DRACULA movie filmed?

10. On what day did Katrina and Sabrina begin to blog together as “Sisters of the Dark Moon”?

Sisters of the Dark Moon
The Blogspot of Katrina Strauss and Sabrina Luna
Authors of Dark Erotica, Fantasy and Romance


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