Thursday, November 02, 2006

SHORTBUS - "You Have To Get On To Get Off"


Last night I went to see SHORTBUS, which is an independent film by writer/director John Michael Cameron. Let's say that I will never hear THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER the same way again --LOL!

The story takes place in post-9/11 New York City. Sophie, is a Chinese-Canadian sex therapist (she prefers couples counselor) who has never had an orgasm. She is befriended by two of her clients, Jamie and James, a gay couple, who are exploring the possibilities of an open relationship and dealing with their own emotional issues.

Jamie and James invite Sophie to an underground salon called “The Shortbus”. Toss in a quirky dominatrix, a drag queen salon manager, an elderly former mayor and a human pile of slipping, slithering bodies and, IMHO, you have one helluva good indie movie! As the story reflects the characters working through their emotional and sexual issues, it is both serious and cleverly funny. The bitter sweetness of this film creates a balance and I highly recommend it!

However, be forewarned, the actors in this film DO THEIR OWN STUNTS! Yes, folks, the SEX in this film is REAL –nudity, masturbation and intercourse. No, it is NOT PORN. It is a bittersweet story with interesting characters and artistically filmed. So, if you have the yen for something different, then this movie is for you!

I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. SHORTBUS is now playing at The Manor Theatre on Providence Road. Check listings for showtimes. For those of you in other cities, I hope you get a chance to see this independent film.

If you’ve seen this film and would like to comment, please feel free to do so –Kitty and I encourage interaction with our readers. Thx!

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Blogger Katrina Strauss said...

Shortbus is running in Dallas at the Angelika. After reading your thoughtful review, I definitely want to see it!

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