Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sabrina Luna Author News – May 2008

Happy May Day, Everyone! Here’s what’s on the calendar for this month –Enjoy!

*The Midnight Muses at ConCarolinas May 30th –June 1st!

Meet your favorite "Midnight Muses", Crysmyn Hart, Dahlia Rose & Sabrina Luna –as well as a bunch of other cool people at ConCarolinas! Other Special Guests include Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar, Star Trek: The Next Generation) and Gary Jones (Master Sgt. Walter Harriman, Stargate SG-1) too!

For more info on ConCarolinas CLICK HERE

*Writers: What’s in the Stars for You?

I’ve begun writing a monthly column for the Carolina Romance Writers newsletter called Writer*Scopes! It’s horoscopes for writers! So drop by my other blog at to check out what the planets have in store for you this month!

*A Special ‘Thank You’

Thx to all my wonderful readers for purchasing copies of my ebooks and print titles! Once again, HOMECOMING was ranked a top seller at too! Here’s a list of my current releases:

GODS & VAMPIRES (M/M) at Aspen Mountain Press
GOOD GIRLS DO IT BADDER (Simply Erotic) at Amira Press
SECRETS (Erotic Romances) at Amira Press

Well, that’s all for now –
Have a Wonderful Month!
Many Thx & Hugs,
Sabrina )O(

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Sabrina Luna
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Friday, April 25, 2008

What a pretty description, doesn't it completely make the story?

I was having a positive conversation with a friend about this old description in an as yet, woefully... foolishly? unfinished story that was started almost a year ago.

Con lifted her head, shifting the blonde bangs from her eyes. Her walk, she had down to a fine art. Even her mother could not fault it.

From behind, she appeared as a boy. Thick, platform Mary Jane shoes covered her feet, and were covered over by straight black suit pants of a boy’s cut. With that combination, Con looked as tall as many of the boys who walked the halls, and a little taller than some. That her blonde hair cropped up against the back of her head, and only a scant amount of fringe flopped over her eyes, was exactly the look she was going for. She knew she could dip her head and smile at any of the first year girls, and they in turn would smile, and blush, before finding their friends to talk about the very effeminate boy who had just flirted with them.

Con had met up with a Swedish student by the name of Kjell a little bit into her first year at uni. Brunette where she was blonde, Kjell’s walk was nothing like her own, for all that he was a member of the male species. His hair was tied back in a ponytail to the length of his shoulder blades.

‘Trying to impress the newbies?’

His deep voice made her smile, and look up into his kind green eyes.

‘Whatever would make you think that?’

‘The poets shirt. You always wear that when you’re trying to impress someone.'

It got me to thinking of other descriptions that I have used for characters over the last few years, and I was looking at a small book that I had stopped using until recently.

It's only large enough to jot disjointed ideas down in note form when I'm nowhere near a computer or completely in the mind track of doing something else, like sleeping, or being on rickety PT, or having a conversation with someone. But these were some I found, and some characters that I want recreate just based on the fractured descriptions.

Her usually bright eyes were bloodshot above high cheekbones.

Blonde hair that he'd forgotten to tie up that morning framed jaw line and compassionate blue eyes in a disheveled mess.

Chocolate brown eyes asked her a silent question as his dark fringe fell into his eyes, again.

The line of his nose and mouth were thinner, perfect for the look of distaste he pulled when he was displeased.

It seemed like she was only moving to stop herself from curling in a corner and crying the rims around her eyes even redder.

His eyes were watchful, even when his attention seemed to be elsewhere.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day's Tomorrow: Green Tips

Hi Everyone! Tomorrow's Earth Day -a day when we honor the Earth, reminding ourselves to recycle, reuse and strive for a greener, healthier planet to live on! Here's a few websites with tips and pointers:

Knowledge Hound:


The Green Guide:

US Environmental Protection Agency:

50 Green Tips at Divine Caroline:

Remember, little things add up to bigger things! Even by being aware and doing a tip or two, you can help make our world a better place --for us and for future generations!

Thx & Hugs,
Sabrina )O(

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Sabrina Luna
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Conventions: Changes of Plans!

Hi Everyone! A quick note about recent conventions: The Midnight Muses are not going to RavenCon this year --but we WILL be at ConCarolinas in Charlotte NC as guests May 31st-June 1st! So, look for us there --we'll have books to sign and goodie bags too!

For more info on ConCarolinas CLICK HERE!

Also! I, Sabrina Luna, won't be attending Dragon*Con this year (you're shocked, I'm sure), but I will be attending FaerieCon in Philadelphia October 10th -12th! I plan to pass out goodies and look my 'faerie' best! Hope to see some of y'all there!

For more info on FaerieCon CLICK HERE!

Many Thx & Hugs,
Sabrina )O(

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Sabrina Luna
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Friday, April 11, 2008

TGIFriday - The Bad & The Beautiful

In 1980 photographer Ellen Graham photographed a young Viggo Mortensen in New York City. Those pictures, and many others, are included in the book, THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL.

Who knew this handsome, brooding young man was to become an Oscar-nominated actor & modern day Renaissance man? *wink-wink*

Have a great weekend!
Hugs & Thx,
Sabrina )O(

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Sabrina Luna ~ Spicy Romance with a Touch of Magick
SECRETS at Amira Press
GODS & VAMPIRES at Aspen Mountain Press

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Blood of the Dark Moon novel has been offered a contract!

I am VERY pleased to announce that my book, Blood of the Dark Moon, the first in the Dark Moon series, has been offered a contract with Freya's Bower.

Those of you who have been wondering when the book would be back with a publisher...well, now you know! Release date is forthcoming, but I will keep people posted.

Here's a quick blurb of my book:

    Amanda, graduate student and devoted follower of the Greek god Apollo, is intrigued when she meets Jesse, a handsome young scholar who shares her love of both the classics and the occult. He quickly sparks her interest--and ignites a dark flame of passion between them. Together, they embark on a shadowy path that leads Amanda straight into Jesse's scintillating underworld of vampires, magick, and secret societies.

    Little does Amanda know she is about to fulfill a legacy that began over thirty years ago and ended in tragedy. Can she learn the truth about who she really is in time to help those whom she has grown to care about, and truly find happiness in her new life with Jesse?

    Blood of the Dark Moon combines the classic eroticism of vampires with a touch of modern sensual romance and occult intrigue.

More information about it and upcoming works can be found here:

Thanks to all of you for your support since my previous publisher's closing. It meant (and means) a great deal to me. I am looking forward to providing my readers with more of my works to come.

Love & Magic,

On Conventions

I've given a lot of thought to promotions in person. More thought recently, that is, in the last month, since I know that Tease Publishing his heavy on author promotions. So I've been looking into a few conventions, namely Context 21 in Ohio, USA.

Now, a friend of mine who grew up in American, has been recently looking at ticket prices for a visit back home on holiday. Obviously, the off season tickets will be cheaper than peak season. Still, from Melbourne, Australia, the cost to Ohio would be steep, and that's without looking at hotel accommodations and the like.

This is where we get to thinking that writing from Australia to an American market is not unlike shooting oneself in the foot.

But no! I have been following the Australian Romance Readers Convention on Blogger (Yes, I am another person who is utterly addicted to the thing) and not only do I find that they are holding the convention -not in Sydney, but in Melbourne- I find that they are holding it, literally, within walking distance from my house.

Held on February 20-22, 2009. Of course, by that stage, I'll almost certainly have moved house to somewhere a little further out of the city, but okay, I'll be taking a train five stops instead of walking. I don't think I look fussed by that. On the whole, I feel excited!!

One of the speakers already picked up is Sherrilyn Kenyon, and for sure there will be the usual panels and various convention details that make conventions so exciting.

So. I'll definitely be going to that, picking up tickets as soon as they are available. I just have to wait for it to roll around, now.

Nikki Watson.

Monday, April 07, 2008


SECRETS is a couple of erotic romances in one *hot* book! Yes, it's now in print over at Amira Press, as well as in ebook format!

Go to to Purchase!

SECRETS: Velvet Seduction & Hot Pursuit
Excerpt from Hot Pursuit (Erotic Romance)
By Sabrina Luna

The Mustang whizzed around the sharp curves, giving the other car a
good run for its money. She glanced back into the rearview mirror and
saw Steve was still behind her. Her ears burned. She giggled, the
thought crossing her mind that he was probably cursing at her. She
rounded another curve, leaving the man in the cruiser no choice but to
keep pace. She crossed the old bridge and glided down the hill before
pressing the gas again to send the Mustang roaring up the next hill.

Her head spun, and her heart pounded wildly. She felt the moisture
between her legs. She drew a deep breath to steady her nerves. The
pursuit was hot and exciting, arousing Cassie more when she rounded
the next sharp curve. However, she knew she'd better pull over soon or
Tanner might lose his patience and radio for back-up. Maneuvering the
Mustang with skill, she finally swerved to the side of the road near
an open field and stopped in a rolling cloud of dust.

Seconds later, Steve's patrol car whipped in behind the Mustang with
its blue lights still flashing. Cassie drew a deep breath. She swung
open the car door and stepped out of the Mustang to face the inevitable.

Steve leaped out of his patrol cruiser and stomped toward her. His jaw
was squared, his eyes burning, and he fumed. "Just what the hell do
you think you're doing, Cassie? You were flying like a bat out of hell!"

Oh shit! He's really mad. She winced. Perhaps I went too far, she
thought, with a pang of regret. However, it was too late now. It was
time to face the music.

"I was just trying to get air out of the fuel line," she hastily
explained, but her voice quivered under the weight of his stern glare.

"I should haul your ass to jail," Steve snapped with an air of
authority. He firmly placed his hands on his hips.

She swallowed hard. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize . . ." Her voice
trailed off, her gaze flickering from the officer's hot stare to the
silver handcuffs dangling from his belt. "You wouldn't, would you, Steve?"

"Don't tempt me, sunflower." The low growl of his voice tugged at
something primal deep inside her being. Slowly, she drew her eyes up
to meet his gaze. Her eyes widened, and she sank her teeth into her
bottom lip. The heaviness of his authority only added fuel to her
inner fire, kindling a wicked flame between her thighs.

Cassie blushed. "I'm sorry, Steve. Really. I only thought—"

"Thought?" He retorted with a smirk. "What you did was very foolish!
You could have lost control of that Mustang, as fast as you were going!"

The hair bristled on her neck, and a spark of defiance shot through
her. "What do you mean, lose control? I happen to be a damn fine
driver, Steve Tanner, and you know it! Or have you forgotten what it's
like to have a little fun?"

She saw him take a deep breath as he took a step back from her.
Cassie, however, couldn't read his mood. She only felt the burning of
her own anger mixed with adrenaline that still pumped through her veins.

"Okay." Steve exhaled with a nod. "Turn around with your hands on the
hood where I can see them. Legs spread." Steve touched his belt where
the silver cuffs glimmered in the afternoon sunlight.

"You're not serious," she hissed in disbelief. Her words, however,
were a mere whisper.

"Do it now, Cassie," he commanded.

Cassie slowly turned, her face flushing crimson while she laid her
palms on the heated hood of the Mustang. This is crazy! He's nuts! Her
mind raced while her heart pounded wildly in her chest.

"Spread your legs wider." His voice was even and firm. Any hint of
emotion seemed to be now well contained once again replaced by a cool,
confident demeanor. She let out a heavy sigh. "Oh, all right. I'll
cooperate." She felt Steve step behind her. Cassie gradually attempted
to look over her shoulder.

"Keep your eyes forward," Steve firmly reprimanded her. She quickly
snapped her eyes back ahead. She licked her lips nervously. Dad and
Sam are sure going to be pissed about this, she thought. Her stomach
churned with tension. What was her mother going to say? She knew she'd
never hear the end of it.

She felt the warmth of his big hands at her ankles. With slow, fluid
movements he moved up her calves. A twinge of arousal panged in her
sex when his hands brushed her thighs. Cassie gasped. This was not a
standard frisk!

Want more?
Visit & order your copy today --in print or ebook! ;)

Thx & Hugs,
Sabrina )O(

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Sabrina Luna
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Tease Tarot Acceptance!!

I just found out the best news in the most bizarre of ways! My novel submission for the Tease Tarot line with Tease Publishing has been accepted! Unfortunately for me, the acceptance letter was caught up in my spam folder, but I found it anyway but accidentally putting something else there and having to dig it out!

Color this the face of someone who's very excited! And luckily for me, this letter doesn't seem to be dated more than a day ago. Phew!

See this post from a little under a month ago for more information about the story: Unity - by Nikki Watson


Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Sabrina Luna is Gail Z. Martin's guest on an all new Ghost in the Machine podcasts!

Listen to Gail & Sabrina talk about working with vampires, werewolves and magical creatures!

+ + +
Sabrina Luna
Spicy Romance with a Touch of Magick

CONTEST! How would you like a cool character in a future book named after YOU?

I'm currently chatting with the rest of the Midnight Seductions Authors today over at Rites of Romance, and have a contest going on there until 11pm EST tonight!

I'm about to post a few excerpts from my WIPs to the loop chat--you'll know the WIPs because it'll be indicated as such VERY clearly in the subject line! For every lurker and/or non-MSA member that comes out and comments on these gets to be entered into a special drawing! If you comment by replying to the emails by 11pm EST tonight and mention that you are indeed interested in being entered into the contest, you are eligible!!

The drawing will be done shortly thereafter and the lucky winner will get a character named after them in their WIP of choice, and mentioned in the foreword of that book. That could be any of the following:

- Shadows of the Dark Moon, the sequel to Blood of the Dark Moon in the Dark Moon series
- Blood and Mint Chocolates, an upcoming f/f vampire erotic romance novella in the Dark Moon series
- My Other Car is a Broom, the first book in a yet unnamed series involving modern witches in Salem, the sidhe, and a very bizarre but intense love triangle.

The contest was going on yesterday in two other groups, but due to issues with Yahoo I am extending it to another DAY!

Love & Magic,

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sabrina Luna Author News – April 2008

Wow! March roared on by, didn’t it? It looks like I’ve got another busy month ahead, but I’ve got lots of good news to share, so let’s rock-n-roll!

SECRETS Now In Print!
Amira Press has released SECRETS: Velvet Seduction & Hot Pursuit in a trade-size paperback! I’m planning booksignings at upcoming conventions, so look for me and get your autographed copy!

To purchase your copy, CLICK HERE

Hot Manlove News!
HOMECOMING was number one on Phaze’s top twenty in February! Thanks to everyone who purchased it!

If you haven’t got a copy, purchase a copy HERE!

And GODS & VAMPIRES was released in March at Aspen Mountain Press! This dark erotica duo contains two of my favorite Manlove stories: CRIMSON AMBROSIA (until now, out-of-print) and PLAYTOY FOR THE GODS (a new story)!

To purchase a copy CLICK HERE

Podcast Interview with Gail Z. Martin April 1st!
Drop by and listen to me and fantasy author, Gail Z. Martin as we chat about werewolves, the paranormal and more!

CLICK HERE for Gail’s website and our podcast

The Midnight Muses Hit The Road!
Crymsyn Hart, Dahlia Rose and I are heading to Richmond Virginia April 25-27th for RavenCon! If you’re coming to the convention, be sure to look for us there!

For more info on RavenCon CLICK HERE

My New Non-Fiction Project!
This past month, I signed a contract for an upcoming book on psychic development with Sugar and Spice Press! Look for MAGICKAL INTUITION to be released later this year!

I’ve created a MySpace profile for this book all ready. Please feel free to come by and “friend” me HERE!

Well, that’s all for now!
Many Thx & Hugs,
Sabrina )O(

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Sabrina Luna
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