Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sabrina Luna's Thursday Thirteen

13 Random Words

1. exsert- to thrust out
2. hockey – shepherd’s crook (hoquet – French)
3. legerdemain –light of hand; sleight of hand; a display of skill or adroitness
4. mobilize –to put into movement or circulation
5. neurotoxic –toxic to the nerves or nervous tissue
6. nyctalopia –suffering from night blindness
7. opine –to express opinions; to state an opinion
8. orismology –the science of defining technical terms
9. pennon –penne quill; wing feather
10. pylon –a massive gateway
11. sabbatical –a break or change from a normal routine (as in employment)
12. section gang –a crew of track workers employed to maintain a railroad section
13. strike zone –the are over home plate through which a pitched baseball must pass to be called a strike

(Borrowed from Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 10th Edition)

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