Friday, January 18, 2008

Sabrina Luna's Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I’m Happy About This Week:

1. Getting over the flu –talk about a big YUCK!
2. Starting on my newest story –I got mojo!
3. Researching my March presentation at Carolina Romance Writers –details later!
4. Listening to a “new” CD –Tapestry by Carole King!
5. Ready for the newest episode of ParaWomen Radio on BlogTalkRadio—they sooo rock!
6. Ready for my next upcoming title --HOMECOMING--a hot manlove short story!
7. Watching the third season of Buffy on DVD –great fun!
8. Doing a quick ‘sun salute’ in the mornings ---yay yoga!
9. Going to the Festival of Healing & Spiritual Awareness in Columbia on Saturday!
10. Checking into attending the next Vampire Ball in New Orleans –Queen of the Damned-themed—very cool!
11. My Friends checking in on me this week after the flu –Thx y’all!
12. Weather wasn’t as ‘bad’ as predicted –thank goodness!
13. I'm overall feeling more creative & productive this week!

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Thx for visiting my blog!
Sabrina )O(

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