Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Some Kind of Stranger (BDSM Yaoi)
by Katrina Strauss
At Loose ID
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When Derek rescues a drugged, blue-haired waif from a ruthless predator, he's given the opportunity to explore his dark, dominant nature. He sets out to mold Blue into the perfect submissive, but is Blue at his mercy, or is Derek at Blue's? Inspired by her love of yaoi, Katrina Strauss explores the complicated dynamic of "topping from the bottom" with her new homoerotic BDSM romance series, Blue Ruin.

A Conspiracy of Ravens: A Raven Saga Book 1
By Crymsyn Hart (Dark Fantasy Romance - Spicy!)
At Amira Press
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Cursed forever as a Raven, Tremain can only be human on the days and nights of the full moon. Charged with protecting Maili, he realizes she has gone missing.

Linnea discovers her best friend’s apartment ransacked and a guy holding a severed head. Before she can get an explanation, something slips from the shadows stabbing Tremain, poisoning him.

To save Tremain, she must use her budding magickal powers and get him to his Raven brethren. Will she get him there in time? Will Tremain overcome his curse and save Maili? Or will he be cursed to an even worse hell?

Please feel free to drop by and check out these amazing titles by my friends & fellow authors! *wink-wink*

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+ + +
Sabrina Luna
Spicy Romance with a Touch of Magick
Coming 1/28 at Phaze.com
HOMECOMING - A Hot Manlove Short Story!


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