Thursday, March 01, 2007

2 Sexy Movies For Erotica Connisseurs

Looking for a sexy double feature? I recent found these two gems on Amazon offers a double deal—two for one slightly lower price—and this is, IMHO, a very complimentary duo.

The first film was the one I was originally looking for –1990’s HENRY & JUNE. A top-notch cast of Fred Ward, Uma Thurman and Maria de Medeiros, portray author Henry Miller, his wife, June and a young writer, Anais Nin in 1930’s Paris. Based on a secret diary about the trio’s love triangle written by Nin herself, this film captures the bittersweet relationships of two great literary geniuses and the woman they both loved.

Beautifully filmed and with extra erotic footage and superbly acted, this film is one of my personal favorites about the love affair Anais Nin kept secret. It was her wish that the diary (and later film) not be revealed to the public until after the death of the last person this story was about –her husband, Hugo.

The second film was, IMHO, a pleasant surprise. I have long treasured my copy of Anais Nin’s book of erotica, DELTA OF VENUS. A friend recommended the movie to me and, of course, I was a bit skeptical. How can you make a film based on such a classic piece of erotica, right?

DELTA OF VENUS was made in 1995 and was directed by Zalman King, best known for his erotic films RED SHOE DIARIES & 9 ½ WEEKS. The story is loosely based on Nin’s book. It takes place in 1940’s Paris, just before World War II. The main character is a young American woman writing erotica for a mysterious collector of private erotica. Those who have read the book will recognize bits of Nin’s stories intertwined into the story as well as a semi-biographic portrayal of Nin herself.

Although DELTA OF VENUS is not quite as engrossing plot-wise as HENRY & JUNE, it is a very sexy treat about the young woman’s exploration of her sexuality and how it affects her writings. The cinematography is rich, lush and very pleasing to the eye. The cast includes Audie England, Costas Mandylor and Eric Da Silva—not familiar actors to me, but very lovely people to watch onscreen. With this DVD version, you can chose either the ‘R’ rating for strong erotic content or ‘NC-17’ which has explicit sexuality. I watched ‘NC 17’ and greatly enjoyed this very sexy, yet sensual film.

I highly recommend both DVD versions of these films. Not only do they compliment each other well, but are a real treat for the erotica connoisseur.

That’s my $1.01—for what it’s worth!
Sabrina )O(

Sabrina Luna
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