Tuesday, July 08, 2008

SUMMER HEAT -Hot Manlove Action!

Hi Everyone! HOMECOMING has slid back into Phaze's Top 20 for June --and I'm stoked by the good news! A BIG "Thanks" to my Readers!

Haven't read HOMECOMING yet? Here's a Blurb:

Jack MacDonald's a strict private school teacher. He's known to his students as 'Mr. MacDiscipline'. On Homecoming Alumni Day, a youthful James Goldman returns from his tour of duty in Iraq.

After five years in the Army, the teacher wonders if his former pupil has changed his 'bad boy' ways...or hasn't he? MacDonald can hardly wait to find out.

Length: HeatSheet (7K words)

HOMECOMING (M/M) at Phaze.com

Also! Check out my other *HOT* Manlove titles:

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Once again, my sincerest THANKS to my Readers --y'all rock!

Big Hugs,
Sabrina )O(

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