Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Unity - Dark Tarot

I have just handed in my line edits for Unity and I'm feeling just fine!

It's getting close now, due out in e-book later this month.

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And here's a synopsis for anyone who's missed it previously posted:

Obstinate Darcy and artistic Celeste lives cross, starting them both on a path into the world of Faerie, which draws them in and comes alive for them. Their lives become those of true ladies, of balls and gorgeous men in dark cathedrals, as the world of abusive stepfathers and fits of depression are left behind them. As they change for their experiences, they realise that they a balance must be found between their Faerie travels, which they visit in their dreams, and the Real Life of their waking world.

I'll be back soon with excerpts!

Nikki Watson.

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