Monday, May 19, 2008

Anne Rice Answers Her Vampire Readers...

“In spite of a flood of emails asking for a Christian Lestat novel (a novel in which Lestat is redeemed), and my own comment about this in the press, I am completely putting aside this project. After prayer, meditation, and much pondering, I do not think such a novel is possible. My present focus has to be on my novels about the life of Jesus Christ and I do not want to revisit the realm of my earlier books. I thank all of you who have written to me on this, both pro and con. You have helped me to think out the question. I can assure you; as things stand now there will be no Christian Lestat novel.”

--Anne Rice

Well, what this all boils down to –Anne Rice will not be writing anymore Vampires, Witches, Talamasca or Lestat, Christianized or otherwise.

As a fan of her earlier works, I'll find solace in my treasured hardbacks and worn paperback editions and recall why I'm still drawn to and love these stories and the characters Anne Rice created.

However, most importantly, Anne Rice inspired me to tell my stories, write down my fantasies and to be an author. And, for that, I'm truly grateful. Thanks, Anne.

Big Hugs to All,
Sabrina )O(

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