Friday, March 28, 2008

TGIFriday - Excerpts from GODS & VAMPIRES

Here's a bite from my latest release at Aspen Mountain Press, GODS & VAMPIRES which has 2 hot m/m stories: CRIMSON AMBROSIA and PLAYTOY FOR
! :)


Explore the darkness with two male/male erotica tales by Sabrina Luna…

A vampire and a gypsy…

Two lovers and one night of hot, dangerous passion.

A mortal and a god…

At the stroke of midnight, who will pay the price of pain for pleasure?

From Crimson Ambrosia:

Still holding Ivan in his grasp, Silas turned the lad to face him.
The full moonlight played upon the boy's delicate mortal features, the
trembling of his lips, the gleam in the dark pools of his eyes. The
lad pressed his slender body tight against him. Silas gave a low moan
as he felt the firmness of Ivan's mutual arousal. Curling a finger
under the young man's chin, Silas drew Ivan's lips to his in a deep,
passionate kiss.

Sliding his tongue between the lad's parted lips, Silas tasted the
mingling of wine and desire. Ever so carefully, the tip of his
well-concealed fang nipped the young man's tongue. The tang of blood
filled his senses. It was as flavorful and robust as the boy himself.
Silas' entire being was overcome with carnal lust and hunger for the
young man.

From Playtoy for the Gods:

"So, you are Erebus, the God of Darkness." I was awestruck. He was
wrapped in shadows like an emperor wears a robe. However, as he
stepped close, the shadows dissipated to reveal a masculine form. The velvety blackness of his clothing gave an appearance of fluidity.
From what I could see by moonlight, however, he was tall with a lean
build. Erebus' rich, black hair flowed down around his shoulders.

His eyes sparkled with a silvery hue in the moonlight from beneath a
black, velvet mask. It covered half his face, leaving his nose and
his mouth fully revealed. I found myself wondering what it would be
like to kiss his lips. They looked soft and inviting as the corners
of his mouth drew up into a breathtaking smile.

"Yes, I am Erebus." He acknowledged with a nod. "I would have
approached you sooner, but I was worried that whatever Sappho said
might have frightened you."

"On the contrary, sir, it made me more curious."

"Curious?" He angled his head, studying me closely in the moonlight.
"How so?"

My skin prickled with nervous energy. Gathering up my courage, I
chose my reply carefully. "I was, er, am curious if you are
interested in a mortal slave, sir. A playtoy for your pleasure."

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