Friday, March 07, 2008

New Manuscript and New Hopes

I may be jumping the gun a little bit quickly on this one, but I've just finished my latest manuscript, with the current title of Unity. I have just sent it off towards Tease Publishing, fitting in with their Dark Tarot submission guidelines.

Here is a brief synopsis of the piece:

When obstinate Darcy and artistic Celeste lives first crossed, they couldn't have known that would start them on the path into the fantasy worlds they both had an interest in. In their sleep, that world comes alive for them, and they themselves are drawn towards true ladies, balls and gorgeous dark men inside cathedrals. The world of abusive stepfathers and depression is left behind them, and in their waking life, they find that they are changing for the experiences of their dreams.

Like all my favorite authors and poets at the moment, I have tried to tell a tale that mixes real life with fantasy elements to create this novel. I'm really excited and hopeful (yes, again, in a definitely jumping the gun sort of way...) about this one. It is a little bit different to both my purely fantasy novels that I have with NCP or my singularly social realism, but I kinda like it because it mingles the best of both aspects.

So, here I am, just hoping for the best until I hear back from them. Holding my breath until then sounds like a plan, yes? :D

Nikki Watson.


Blogger Sabrina Luna said...

Good luck, Nikki! My fingers are crossed for ya! ;)

S )O(

9:46 AM  
Blogger Nikki Watson said...

Thanks, Sabrina! :D *hugs*

6:22 AM  

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