Thursday, January 18, 2007

Interview w/Erotic Romance Author Cara North

Sabrina: Ahoy, Cara! Would you please tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

Cara: Well, I'm Cara North. I use the pen name because I teach at the local college and I like to keep my working and writing world separate. (Students can be vicious and use anything they can find against you if they are not pleased with a grade.) I write a few different things but I mainly write contemporary romance, and erotic romance. I love writing. It is something I have done all of my life and hopefully will continue to do.

Sabrina: Describe for our readers the type of stories you write, please.

Cara: I write the kind of story I would like to read. I love my hero's. Usually when I have a story idea it is because I have a hero in mind.

Sabrina: What, as a writer, inspires you?

Cara: Well I have to say (to my husband’s irritation) that Josh Hartnett is my Muse. I don't follow much about his personal life, I just like the way he is on screen and in photographs. He's not perfect, but he is handsome. As far as the rest of my inspiration- I inspire me, life inspires me, every success or tragedy I witness has its own story and that is what I build my fictional worlds around. For all intensive purposes I should have been a lot of things in my life and a writer isn't one of those. I know inside me a great book is waiting to come out and hit the best seller list, that isn't my ego, it's the truth. There is a great book in many of us. We have to find the courage to write it.

As far as an inspiring event goes, I read a book once, and at the end of the story there was a dedication to the author. She had died four years before I read her book. Up until I read the dedication, I thought about her, what she was working on now, in my hands for those few hours I spent reading her novel, she was as alive as I am. If nothing else I leave a legacy behind me. And I am sure some may say- well you write smut is that what you want to leave behind? I'll say- absolutely- that smut is how I got brought into this world why not let sex be what I leave behind when I am taken out of it.

Sabrina: Would you please tell our readers a little bit about the Pirate anthology?

Cara: Ah, the Pirates. This was something very different for me. I was asked
if I wanted to write a short for an anthology for charity. How do you say ‘no’
to that. Then when I got the invitation it was for a pirate anthology. I thought to myself, ‘Great Googly Moogly- you suck at historical!’ So I put a bit of a twist on it. LOL. I am excited to see what Ann Cory, Jaden Sinclair and Teresa Wayne have done.

Sabrina: When & where can the anthology be ordered?

Cara: The anthology A PIRATES TREASURE, will be available at Mardi Gras Publishing, on January 20th 2007.

Sabrina: Tell us a little bit about the charity the anthology's proceeds go to.

Cara: Half of all proceeds authors, publishers, editors, everyone equally, will be donated to St Jude's. So I encourage you to buy the book, enjoy the read, and write it off on your taxes which is something you can't do often when buying for pleasure.

Sabrina: What other book releases do you have coming soon?

Cara: The second installment of my Johnson brothers, Heath Johnson, the oldest has
his book released on February 17th. It will not be available in print until later in 2007 so you'll have to pick it up on e-book until then. SHE THINKS MY TRACTOR’S SEXY follows TEQUILA MAKES HER CLOTHES FALL OFF, and picks up right where TEQUILA left off. I'm nervous about this one- I'll be honest. The first was received so well, I just don't want to let people down.

Sabrina: What 'works in progress' are you currently working on?

Cara: Well, there is the last two stories in the Country Music Collection,
ONE HOT MOMMA, Rafe Johnson's story and SAVE A HORSE, RIDE A COWBOY, Lucky's story- and he gets his own book because of Jan Johnson, the little sister, but he
does not get Jan. In addition I am shopping my Beaufort Series to large print publishers, we shall see how that turns out.

Sabrina: What are your future plans for your writing career?

Cara: To keep writing, long and short stories, to be published by an RWA recognized house, and in my wildest dreams to hit that NY Times best seller list someday. So not much-LOL!

Thank you for having me on your blog today. Maybe you'll return the favor and come talk to my readers on Sirens and Muses about your steamy works as well?

Thx, Cara, I will! And thanks for a wonderful interview!

For more on Cara North, check out her website at:
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And Good Luck with the Pirate Anthology!

Sabrina )O(

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