Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lusty Lady Gone Bye-Bye?

As I’m celebrating the release of my D/s Erotica Fantasy, CHARADE, I found out this morning that the Village Voice fired sex columnist, Rachel Kramer Bussel. RKB’s wonderful, enlightening column, THE LUSTY LADY, was one of the best monthly features I have enjoyed reading over the past few years!

As talented as RKB is, I’m sure she’ll find something bigger and better! In support of my fellow sex writer, I want to say, “Bad Village Voice –bad, bad!” What can my one rant do? Nothing much –but I can let other people know. So there!

For RKB’s blog entry CLICK HERE

So, bye-bye, Lusty Lady –for now. We will be looking forward to seeing you again somewhere else. Please keep us posted!

Supportive Hugs & Cupcakes,
Sabrina Luna )O(

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