Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Are Men Vainer Than Women?

David Zinczenko asks a big question—are men more attentive to their looks than women?

Zinczenko says, the survey he did for his book MEN LOVE & SEX showed that 9 in 10 men aren't satisfied with their appearance and they'd jump at the chance at changing one particular part of their body if they could.

The survey provided some interesting findings:

• When asked how much he'd pay for rock-hard abs (if it was only that easy), the average guy would invest $5,000 of his own money in himself. For movie-star looks in general, he'd drop $17,600.

• 38 percent of men said they'd want larger pectoral muscles. However, beating pecs as the top male body issue, over 40 percent of guys say the gut is the number one body part they'd like to change.

• And look at this hair-raising finding: American men spend more than $300 million on toupees annually. And $800 million on hair transplants!

For the full article CLICK HERE

It’s nice to know men to care about their health and appearances, IMHO.

Okay, time to confess, what areas of your man’s body does he seem to get the most attention to? My ex was obsessed with his hair—he took a full hour in the bathroom, giving extra pampering to his long locks. My current friend is worried about his belly. He’s going to the gym now & trying to lose a little around his middle.

Your turn! Don’t be shy—do tell!

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