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Interview w/Horror Author Adra Steia

Writing the genre of Horror is tough—less alone being a woman who writes Horror. Horror writing is dark and gritty, taking readers through twisted fears and scares. I, personally, admire women who write Horror and am very please to interview Adra Steia about her new ebook, SWAMP BABY.

Sabrina: Hi Adra! Would you please tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

Adra: I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I'd written seven novels by the time I graduated high school (those sad little books are buried deep in my closet, where the will ever remain). I live in central Florida, and I'm a teacher by day.

Sabrina: Please describe for our readers the type of stories you write.

Adra: I write in a few different genres, although horror is probably my main genre. I grew up on King and Laymon and Koontz. I love emotional stories with a real push to resolution, so that's what I write. I absolutely love supernatural Christian thrillers, so I'm hoping to churn out a few of those out as well.

Sabrina: What, as a writer, inspires you?

Adra: Music. I love hard, driving alternative and rock and roll. My dreams are freaky-scary, so I can generally plot an entire story from a dream or two.

Sabrina: So, please, tell our readers a little bit about the book you have available & where they can find it.

Adra: My newest release is called SWAMP BABY. It's a horror with some romantic elements. But it's mostly horror. Set in central Florida, it revolves around three people: Suwannee, her ex-husband Michael, and her best friend Derry (who happens to be Michael's former foster brother). Suwannee is haunted by a curse placed on her family and Michael is possessed with an entity known as Spirit-mother and believes he can shape-shift into a panther. Poor Derry is in love with Suwannee, but can't admit it. Michael's Spirit-mother demands that he kill Suwannee to appease the ancient curse, but before he can, she's kidnapped by swamp cannibals. Michael and Derry have to brave the dangers of the swamp (and Michael's psychosis) to save her.

It's nice and gory. :)

Sabrina: What 'Works in Progress' are you currently working on?

Adra: At the moment, I have a modern gothic WIP, called "A Year With You." I am also working on the sequel to SWAMP BABY, entitled "Spirit-Mother." I have another horror/romance set in late 1800's central FL, called "Welcome to Holbrecht", in the works.

Sabrina: What are your future plans for your writing career?

Adra: I have a supernatural/paranormal inspirational romance set in late 1800's central FL coming soon from Mardi Gras Publishing. I wouldn't mind writing more in that genre, but at the moment I want to make a name for myself in horror. There just aren't enough women writing good stories in the genre.

Thanks, Adra, for an interesting interview and best of luck with your new release!

Adra Steia’s SWAMP BABY is now available at Mardi Gras Publishing. If Horror with some romantic elements is your thing, be sure to get a copy today!
Sabrina )O(

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