Monday, February 25, 2008

Anne Rice Says, "One More Book"!

According to, "One more book." 'Those are the words Anne Rice fans have been dying to hear about the Vampire Chronicles ever since her shocking — and dismaying to many of his followers — turn to religious writing. Long seen as a committed atheist, four years ago the best-selling author drove a stake through the hearts of her followers when she vowed to abandon her sinister stories and instead write only of the Lord.'

'Turns out, vampires aren't that easy to kill. In an interview with TIME, the best-selling author of Interview with the Vampire and The Queen of the Damned, has revealed that she plans to write one last book about Lestat, the feared, yet beloved, blood-sucking main character in her gothic novel series. "When I published my first book about the Lord I said I would never write about those characters again," Rice acknowledged. "But I have one more book that I would really like to write. It will be a story that I need to tell."'

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As a fan of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles since the late 1980's, I'm looking forward to one more story! As an author, I understand that our writings change, we change too. It's inevitable. However, I think it would be great to give the series that made her famous a finale and a sense of closure...if anything, for fans of the brat-prince himself, Lestat.

Thanks, Anne, and happy writing! :)

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