Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Excerpt from A WARRIOR'S HOPE
WARNING: Hot Manlove in Ancient Egypt!
By Sabrina Luna
Now Available at Phaze.com
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“My warrior, my brother,” Akil purred. He licked his lips. Long, slender fingers encircled the thick base of Thabit’s cock. “May I pleasure you with my mouth?”

A flash of heat rose up his spine, under his lover’s touch. The amorous devotion of his beloved left him speechless with arousal. Thabit merely nodded. His breath caught in his throat as Akil’s lips parted. Sensual lips that, just moments before, he’d possessed in a toe curling kiss were now wrapped around his cock.

Avid desire barreled through him like a runaway chariot. Thabit groaned, as his lover’s heated mouth engulfed his rigid length. His mind numbed. Every inch of his penis throbbed in time with the rapid palpitations of his heart. Cocooned in Akil’s hot, sensuous mouth, Thabit’s resolved melted. He was a willing captive to his lover’s opulent torture.

Akil’s long fingers splayed over Thabit’s bared buttocks. His lover’s touch scorched his flesh like embers of carnal passion. The room wavered. Thabit drew a deep breath, bracing his hands upon Akil’s shoulders and closed his eyes.

Sheer, undiluted rapture coursed through his cock as Akil’s mouth worked its heady charm. Thabit let out a low groan. His lover was drawing on his cock with long, steady strokes. The suction of his mouth and the teasing of his tongue sent white-hot sensations rippling through Thabit’s lower extremities. His balls tightened.

Thabit pulled away from Akil’s mouth with an inkling of remorse. His beloved gasped with surprise. The warrior grinned down at the dazed expression that crossed his beloved’s face. He wasn’t the only one caught up in the fever of the moment. However, he was too close to release and wanted to savor their impassionate encounter.

“Ah, by the Gods, your mouth pleases me better than all the fanciful poetry you quote,” Thabit jested, drawing Akil to his feet. “But, I crave more, my brother.” He reached for the other man’s stay, quickly liberating the robe and tossing it aside to appraise his lover.

Akil stood before him nude. A shiver of anticipation rippled through him as he took in the sight of his lover’s sturdy yet slender body. Akil’s unmarked, bronze skin glistened with moisture from the heat, the crown of his penis drawn back from the foreskin, revealing his unabashed desire.

“Is this what you want, my brother?” a coy smile curled over Akil’s lips as he grasped his cock in his hand.

Thabit gave a sharp inhale, wicked lust enveloping him from head to toe. “Oh yes,” he growled, then inclined his head to the steamy pool. “In the water. Now.”


Thx & Hugs,
Sabrina )O(

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Sabrina Luna
Spicy Romance with a Touch of Magick


Blogger Katrina Strauss said...

Mmm yes one of my faves by you yet! Grats on the official release!

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Blogger Sabrina Luna said...

Thx! Sorry for the d'oh moment --it's NOT Monday, but Tuesday! LOL! Hugs,
S )O(

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