Thursday, February 21, 2008

Newest Dark Sister

So I'm the newest member of the Sisters of the Dark Moon. My name is Nikki Watson, and it's so lovely to be posting here with the lovely ladies Sabrina Luna and Katrina Strauss. My writing interests tend mostly towards romantic fantasy, with a current leaning towards fairies and folklore. I have already started talking about the facts and fiction of fairy, faeries, fairy tales and fellow authors of fairy fiction over at my personal space on blogger:

You will find my writing over at New Concepts Publishing, and I expect that I'll be putting excerpts here from time to time. Currently, my novel Changeling: Of Elves and Men is currently on New Concepts' eShelves and can be purchased! Ascent and Haunted, the second and third books in the 'Of Elves and Men' trilogy, will soon be found in the same place.

Here is the cover, I'm pleased with it

No doubt I'll be posting again here soon. ;) Until then.

Nikki Watson.

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Blogger Katrina Strauss said...

Welcome aboard! ;)

12:50 AM  

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