Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sabrina Luna’s Thursday Thirteen

13 Favorite Things of 2007:

Favorite Books: (1) FAIRYVILLE by Emma Holly & (2) MASTER OF DRAGONS by Angela Knight

Favorite Retail Bookstore: (3) Books A Million (160 & Hwy 49) –the coolest staff around, IMHO!

Favorite Coffees: (4) Café du Monde & (5) Starbuck’s Café Verona

Favorite Coffee Shop: (6) Caribou Coffee (where I enjoy hanging out with my friends!)

Favorite ‘Event’: (7) The Harry Potter Release Party at Books a Million (okay, I’m behind the times –never been to a HP release party, but at least I got to go to the last one!)

Favorite Movies: (8) Blood & Chocolate (a wolf love story) and (9) Eastern Promises (Viggo!)

Favorite Music CDs: (10) HIM-And Love Said No (Greatest Hits 1997-2004) & Led Zeppelin-(11) The Song Remains The Same (digitally remastered)

Favorite Places Visited: (12) Washington DC & (13) New Orleans, LA (I’ll make plans to visit both places longer next time around!)

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