Friday, November 09, 2007

TGIFRIDAY - A Sexy Excerpt from CHARADE by Sabrina Luna

A D/s Erotic Fantasy
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“What is your name, girl?” Samson spoke, his voice rumbling through the silence and breaking through her churning thoughts. He moved towards her. His movements were feline and full of grace. The dark-haired man was wearing no more than a pair of loose fitting gold lame slacks and a bejeweled pair of sandals on his feet. The soft lighting of the room played over the fine form of his muscles as they moved under his flesh. He was taut and fit, a prime example of the male physique. Dixie felt the heat once again consume her body. Her nipples stiffened in response to his gaze, as if begging for Samson’s attention.

“Dixie, sir.”

“Dixie?” His eyes gleamed as a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. “I’ve heard of you. You are the protégé of Mr. Wilcox; am I correct?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I am Samson, a pupil of Lady Athena, whom you’ve already had the pleasure of meeting this evening.” The husky man stood in front of her, filling her vision with his strong presence. “It will be a real pleasure to play with you, Miss Dixie.”

“Thank you, Samson, sir.” Dixie meekly replied. An uncomfortable silence fell between them. The air in the room seemed to shimmer as the classical background music washed over her senses. Her own impatience unnerved her. She was tired of the soirée and the ‘club rules’. All she wanted was to go home. Home? The mere thought of returning back into Mitchell’s arms made her heart skip a beat. Her benefactor made her feel special, loved and cared for. His home was where she felt she truly belonged. With quiet resolve, Dixie decided to be patient and play along…it was the only way.

“You are very beautiful, girl,” Samson’s polite etiquette dissolved, the look in his eyes revealing a man on the very edge of lust. Dixie noticed the unmistakable oblong shape in his pants. It was solid and pressing against the fine fabric. Dixie drew a deep breath and quickly drew her gaze away from the man’s crotch. Samson chuckled.
“And I see that you have a lusty eye, too.”

Dixie blushed, feeling the warm tingle of embarrassment wash over her from head to toe. Samson stepped behind her. The man’s large hand slid effortlessly around her waist, pressing her nakedness against him. His flat, firm palm pressed against the softness of Dixie’s belly. The warmth from Samson’s hand subliminally branded her as his play toy. Dixie felt powerless in the larger man’s shadow.

Samson’s breath was hot on her ear as he drew his fingers up to her nipple rings and gave the circlet of gold a tender, yet firm tug. Dixie let out a low moan as pain bittersweetly mingled with pleasure. The sensual shockwaves rippled through her entire body. “So, how do you suppose I should correct you, girl?”

“I-I don’t know, sir.” Dixie whispered in a shaky voice. The animalistic heat that radiated from the sensual man had sent a current of pure desire riveting through her. As she tried desperately to get her bearings, the door to the room clicked open. Its sudden opening startled Dixie, but she dared not turn around.

* * * *

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Sabrina Luna
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