Monday, November 05, 2007


Today’s the release of my m/m erotic short story set in ancient Egypt –A WARRIOR’S HOPE!!! It’s Now Available HERE!

Here’s a little teaser: As political unrest swirls in the palace of Tutankhamun, Commander Thabit, a Warrior of Amun-Ra, is eager for a stolen moment with his lover, the royal scribe, Akil. Leading his men to the border to face an unfamiliar tribe of renegades, Thabit isn’t sure when he’ll return home to Thebes…or his beloved again.

In noteworthy news, I saw this on Yahoo! news yesterday: Egypt's antiquities chief, Dr. Zahi Hawass, supervised the removal of the linen-wrapped mummy of King Tut from his stone sarcophagus in his underground tomb in the famed Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt on Sunday. The mummy of the 19-year-old pharaoh has been placed in a climate-controlled glass box in the tomb, with only the face and feet showing under the linen covering.

I’m personally thrilled since this unique event coincides with my story’s release! The boy king and his reign over Egypt are a focus point in A WARRIOR’S HOPE.

Also Tonight: A Manlove Chat at Realms of Love! Join me with authors James Buchanan & Josh Lanyon as we discuss Sexy Warriors, Hot Cowboys, Randy Cops and More!

The chat begins at 9 PM EST at:

There will be a giveaway of a download of the upcoming Aspen Mountain Press anthology ARRESTING DEVELOPMENTS too!

Come & Join the Chat Tonight!

Also released today at Phaze: CARIBBEAN BLUE by my fellow Midnight Muse and author-friend, Dahlia Rose! Check out her hot, island-styled erotic short story HERE!

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