Tuesday, November 06, 2007

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Arikos is an ancient Dream-Hunter, condemned by the Gods to live forever without emotions. Slipping into the dreams of humans, he 'feeds' upon their emotions. It isn't until he encounters Megeara (Geary) in her uninhibited dreams, does Arikos long to be human and meet the sexy dreamer in the real life. After a bargain with Hades, Arikos finally experiences the intensity of human emotions and, the most potent one of all...love.

Sherri has done it again! OMG! I finished this novel last night around midnight and I love it! She adds yet another level to her immortal mythos as she reveals the dark secrets of the immortals of the Dream realm. IMHO, it's an excellent and engrossing read. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more in the Dream-Hunter series.

Note: Sherrilyn Kenyon's immortal worlds are HUGE and intertwining. If you haven't read this author, I also recommend you do. You'll be able to understand some of the threads which are woven throughout her novels. Just my $1.01, for what it's worth! *wink-wink*

So, what are YOU reading now? Let me know in comments!
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