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Excerpt From A WARRIOR'S HOPE By Sabrina Luna

(Warning: This story contains erotic manlove scenes)

Blurb: As political unrest swirls in the palace of Tutankhamun,
Commander Thabit, a Warrior of Amun-Ra is eager for a stolen moment
with his lover, the royal scribe, Akil. Leading his men to the border
to face an unfamiliar tribe of renegades, Thabit isn't sure when he'll
return home to Thebes…or his beloved again.


"If we die on our mission, at least we will die with a smile upon our
lips and satisfaction in our loins!" Thabit had overheard a warrior's
remark to a fellow companion as the festivities began. The commander
gave an amused chuckle, lifting the jug to his lips once more.

"The mouth of a perfectly contented man is filled with beer." A
lyrical, yet powerful voice came from behind him, dissipating his
thoughts. He knew that voice. It was one that affected him like no other.

Thabit turned to the shadowy form and grinned. "Are you quoting
fanciful poetry again?"

Akil stepped out of the shadows and into the light. His bronzed cheeks
flushed with a rich hue of embarrassment. However, despite his
taunting, Thabit was truly proud of his dearest friend. Akil was a
scribe and studying under Thebes' most prolific scholars. Sensing
Akil's uneasiness, Thabit continued. "Yes, the beer is good and stout
tonight, but I'd rather content myself with something else."

"Is that so, commander?" Akil's eyes were encircled with kohl,
accenting the deep, rich intensity of his gaze. Thabit saw a twinkle
of mischief in their reflection. A wave of desire coursed through his

Akil's white linen robe gave a gentle, graceful sway as he stepped
close. The warrior silently marveled at the handsome man with an
affectionate smile. Unlike his own thick, muscular-build, Akil was
lean with slender arms and long, tapered fingers. A shiver ran through
Thabit as he recalled just how well the two men knew each other. Often
he'd marveled at the scribe's keen ability to look past his toughened
exterior…and into the depths of his soul.

"The royal court has spared no expense for you and your men tonight.
So, tell me, what does the pharaoh's most skillful and brightest
warrior really want?" A sly smile spread over Akil's lips.

"I am honored by all the gifts the royal court has provided tonight.
The wine, women and songs are bringing great pleasure to my men."
Thabit gently inhaled the sensual scent of his lover. The heady aroma
of myrrh and musk surrounded Akil like a soft cloud, tempting Thabit.
He cleared his throat, adding in a low whisper, "But, that is not what
I want. I want you, my beloved."

"By Amun-Ra, you flatter me, Thabit." Akil cheeks flushed again with
color, but, with unwavering bravado, he curled his long fingers around
Thabit's thick wrist. With gentle persuasion Akil coaxed Thabit,
drawing him to the darkened side of the pillar.

In the shadows of the large, engraved column, Thabit took his lover's
less-than-subtle hint. He wrapped an arm around Akil's slender hips
and drew him close. Thabit's body hummed with arousal. His cock,
partially erect, swelled beneath the simple linen wrap knotted around
his waist.

"Ah, but I assume you want more than flattery, don't you?" Thabit
inquired with an amused smirk. His question was answered by a flicker
of mutual lust in Akil's eyes.

Desire coursed through his veins, desperate, hot and needy, as he
smoothly captured Akil's mouth with his own. He felt Akil's warm sigh
of approval, the firmness of the scribe's body beneath the
light-weight robes. Akil wrapped his slender arms around Thabit's
shoulders in a tight embrace. Thabit's lips hungrily explored the lush
curves of Akil's mouth as their kiss lengthened, deepened until the
passion was too unbearable to withstand.

Akil surrendered first, pulling free with a soft gasp. "It is
dangerous for us to do this here, within sight of the whole
courtyard," he expelled in a lust-heated whisper.

"I agree," Thabit nodded. Reluctantly, he loosened his hold on Akil,
releasing him, but his body reverberated with bittersweet longing.
"However, in the morning, my men and I will be leaving on our mission.
I wish to spend this last night alone…with you."

"It would be my pleasure, dear brother." A soft smile curled over
Akil's lips and then he inclined his head. He gestured to a distant
limestone building just beyond the crowded courtyard. Akil leaned
close, whispering into Thabit's ear. "Come, follow me and your wish
will be fulfilled."

The lusty promise made Thabit's heart flutter beneath his tough,
warrior demeanor. The warrior was cautious, but placed the empty jug
aside. Akil rounded the pillar, causally strolling in the direction of
the building. Thabit surveyed the crowd. No one had seen the embrace.
He exhaled a deep breath, then stepped out, a few paces behind and
followed Akil into the crowd.

By Sabrina Luna
Coming In November 2007
At Phaze

Thx & Hugs,
Sabrina )O(

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Sabrina Luna
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