Wednesday, September 05, 2007

5 Flutes from Cocktail Reviews!

GOOD GIRLS DO IT BADDER has received a rating of five flutes of champagne from reviewer, Singapore Sling, at Cocktail Reviews!


‘Gina Adams has a thing for cowboys. One evening she decides to have a drink at the Silver Dollar Saloon, and when she spies hunky cowboy Clint, it’s not long before she takes him for a long, enjoyable ride in the bedroom.

A short, very hot erotic story, Good Girls Do It Badder stands out from the crowd due to its good humour and irrepressible sense of fun. This exchange between Gina and Clint had me giggling:

Clint grinned down at her, taking a sip from his bottle of beer, then added, “And I like your sense of humor.” “How can you like my sense of humor when you hadn’t met me until now?” Gina raised an eyebrow, perplexed.

With his beer still in his hand, he pointed a finger to her chest.

“What? My boobs?” A sudden rush of color burned her cheeks.

“Oh no, honey. I like your shirt,” he added simply.

That sets the tone for their night of passion, which is very sexy yet never loses the fun. One night stands should be fun and daring, and the author manages to convey Gina’s excitement at doing something naughty and uninhibited. She also deals with the morning after very well, too.

I really enjoyed reading this and happily recommend it to anyone seeking a short, sizzling and fun book.’

Thanks so much, Singapore Sling –glad you liked my simply erotic cowboy story!

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