Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Alisha at Two Lips Reviews has given 4 1/2 Lips & 2 Hot Peppers to GOOD GIRLS DO IT BADDER!

Alisha says, "Sabrina Luna packs plenty of hot, sweaty and toe-curling sex in her short story. I wanted the story to go on and on, but I had a hard time catching my breath so it just as well this is a quick read, at least for me! Good Girls Do it Badder lives up to the title as Gina and Clint are like the Energizer Bunny – they just keep going and going!"

Check out the full review HERE

To purchase a copy of GOOD GIRLS DO IT BADDER go HERE

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Alisha!

Hugs & Thx,
Sabrina )O(

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