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A Simply Erotic Cowboy Story Excerpt!

By Sabrina Luna
Now Available at Amira Press
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Country western music, whiskey and cowboys—these were Gina Adams’ favorite obsessions. Yet when she strolled into The Silver Dollar Saloon, just outside the Charlotte city limits, she received inquisitive stares from more than a few folks. Half African American and half Cherokee, her mocha-colored skin and long, jet black hair set her apart from the other women in the room. However, she was fortunate. The patrons quickly returned to minding their own business…not hers.

Sipping on her Jack and coke at the bar, she surveyed the room. Gina was feeling an edginess under her skin, a deep desire to make her ‘fuck-a-cowboy’ fantasy come true. And tonight was her lucky night. From the moment she laid eyes on the tall, handsome man across the crowded room, she knew he was the one. There’s no ‘pretend’ about this one. He’s the real thing! Her gaze roamed over his hat, worn Levi’s and boots. This particular cowboy was just rough enough around the edges to pique her interest.

The cowboy met her gaze. A grin spread over his face as he slowly began to make his way through the crowd. Like an arrow aiming for a target, he had zeroed in on her too. A spark of electricity zipped through her body and turned her insides to mush.

“Howdy, miss.” He tipped his hat, still grinning from ear to ear. “Mind if I buy a pretty lady another drink?” The sweetness of his drawl washed over her like honey.

“Sure.” Gina returned his smile. “What’s your name, cowboy?”

“Clint. Clint Bowman.”

“My name’s Gina Adams. I’ll have another Jack and coke, please.” Despite the surety in her voice, she could feel her heart pounding hard. The cowboy stood close beside her and flagged down the bartender to take care of business.

Finally, with her fresh drink on the napkin in front of her, she lifted her eyes. She gazed at the man for a better look. A foot taller than her, even in her own styled boot-heels, the cowboy was smooth shaven with strong, chiseled features. From what she could see from beneath his hat, Clint’s hair appeared to be a dark shade of brown to compliment his sun kissed, warm complexion. He definitely spends lots of time outdoors, she noted with satisfaction.

Clint’s eyes were hazel, her favorite eye color. A richly golden-hued color flecked with green. Oh boy! This one could be a real heartbreaker. In the bar room light, she spied two thin, faint scars, one just above his lip and one lightly trailing down his left cheek. Telltale signs of that lived-in, rugged look that was making Gina go weak in the knees.
“So, of all the pretty ladies in the club tonight, why me?” she asked playfully, breaking the ice.

“Because you’re prettier.” Clint grinned down at her, taking a sip from his bottle of beer, then added, “And I like your sense of humor.”

“How can you like my sense of humor when you hadn’t met me until now?” Gina raised an eyebrow, perplexed.
With his beer still in his hand, he pointed a finger to her chest.

“What? My boobs?” A sudden rush of color burned her cheeks.

“Oh no, honey. I like your shirt,” he added simply.

Dumbstruck, Gina glanced down at her ‘Good Girls Do It Badder’ t-shirt. She let out a soft exhale. “Oh, that. For a minute I thought—”

“Well, I must say, the rest of the package is fine too.” Clint flashed her a cheeky grin and winked.

Gina took a sip of her drink to moisten her dry throat. Slick warmth was spreading through her sex by the mere presence of this cowboy with his hazel eyes and wicked smile. Sure, she could be catty and tell him that he had a fine package too, but she didn’t. Instead, she asked him to dance.

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By Sabrina Luna
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