Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Researchers said these differences may have a basis in evolution. Women may have developed a preference for reddish colors in association with ripe fruit and healthier faces. Men, on the other hand, have a preference for blue-hues.

"We speculate that this sex difference arose from sex-specific functional specialization in the evolutionary division of labor," says Anya Hurlbert, a neuroscientist at Newcastle University and leader of the study. "There are biological reasons for liking reddish things."

Hurlbert believes women's preference for pink may have evolved on top of a natural, universal preference for blue. "When you add it together you get the colors they intrinsically like, you get bluish red, which is sort of lilac or pink," she said.

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As for Eve, Hurlbert added, maybe there was a different reason she picked that apple. "Red was the color of a good ripe fruit.”

Hmmm ...interesting.

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