Monday, June 11, 2007

A Dark Erotic Vampire Tale
By Sabrina Luna
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Alexander stood motionless for a moment by the bedside. He gazed down at her lovingly, mesmerized by his paramour’s beauty. The sensuous curves of her breasts rose and fell with every breath. Natasha’s creamy complexion glowed in the candle light, which accented her face’s angelic features. Her wheat-colored mane fanned out over the pillow like a golden halo. Natasha smiled up at him with her heart-shaped lips.

“Come to bed.” She gently coaxed. The sweetness of her invitation tugged at his heart. Carnal desire also burned through Xander’s body. In wicked response, his thickened cock strained with desperation. He quickly discarded the remainder of his clothing and slid into the bed beside her.

Scooping her into his arms, the heat of her body pressed against his cool skin. She was as warm as the candle’s flame and he, like a moth, was drawn to her with burning desire. Their lips came together in a passionate kiss. The taste of her mouth was like honey and as intoxicating as wine to his vampiric senses.

His tongue flickered over her neck, tracing over the thin, delicate lines of her pulse. Tension tightened in his soul. Not now. He silently cautioned himself as he struggled to remain in control. He kissed his way down over her breasts. Natasha let out a low moan.

“Oh yes!” She uttered, her voice low and raspy.

Alexander flicked his tongue over a nipple. He drew its firm tip between his lips and slowly, sensually suckled.

“Oh, you’re torturing me now.” Natasha squirmed in his embrace. Xander let go of her nipple with a gentle pop. He gazed into her eyes. Her blue eyes glimmered with arousal, mirroring his deeply seated emotions.

“You’re so luscious.” He smiled.

Natasha’s body shivered beneath him. Her seductive scent filled his senses. Sliding a hand down between his legs, she brushed his cock. “So are you, my prince.” She curled her fingers around the circumference of his erection. “And I want every inch of you.”

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Sabrina Luna
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