Sunday, May 27, 2007

An Excerpt from CHARADE

A D/s Erotica Fantasy
By Sabrina Luna
Available at Aphrodite’s Apples

They were driving towards the city, to the busiest side of town. Cars, trucks and buses surrounded the Jaguar on all sides as the traffic slowed to a crawl, then to a dead stop.

“Shit,” Mitchell cursed under his breath. “A traffic jam!”

Dixie sank back into her seat, preparing for a long wait, wrapped up in her own thoughts, until Mitchell spoke again.

“Roll up your skirt, Dixie,” Mitchell had commanded from the driver’s seat.


“You heard me, Dixie,” he glanced over at his protégé with a gleam in his blue eyes. “I expect you to obey.”


The word hung in the air between them—dangling, laced with a hint of domination and daring. Dixie drew a sharp inhalation, her eyes darting nervously to the cars around them, also obviously stuck in the traffic jam.

“Ignore them,” Mitchell replied coyly, indicating the surrounding motorists. “I want to see your panties.” His eyes twinkled with a golden flash of assertiveness.

Dixie’s heart thumped in her chest. She drew her fingers to the hem of her skirt, encircling the fine material, and then drawing it up to reveal her thighs, to the thin elastic leggings of her powder blue lacey undergarments.

“Like this, Mitchell, sir?”

Mitchell Wilcox glanced down, silently admiring the exposed smoothness of her thighs with a lick of his lips. He nodded his approval.

“Now, take off your panties.”

Dixie’s face flushed crimson, but she didn’t hesitate. Shifting her buttocks over the leather seat, she managed to wiggle the blue panties off her hips. The lacy material glided easily down her legs, pooling around her ankles on the floor of the car.

The leather was cool against her bare derrière, a peculiar contrast to the warmth that had begun to spread through her sex, stirring, waking a wanton desire within her to display herself for her benefactor.

“Mmm, you’re so lovely, my dear,” Mitchell cooed, smiling over at her. His hands still gripped the steering wheel, but her benefactor’s eyes roamed over the curves of her womanly charms.

Her sex began to hum, her exotic juices gathering between her thighs at the mere sound of his voice, making her eager, making her sticky and making her want to do anything for Mitchell Wilcox.


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Sabrina Luna
Spicy Romance with a Touch of Magick


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