Monday, January 29, 2007

My Weekend at the Movies

I went to the movie theater twice this past weekend…which is rare, but there were two movies I really wanted to see.

The first film was SMOKIN’ ACES. From the previews I saw on MySpace, this looked like a gangster action flick a la Guy Ritchie. Yes, it had extremely dark humor and was full of guns & graphic violence. It had a very intense storyline and kept me guessing right up to the end, “Who’s double crossing who and why?” Overall, however, I thought the film was merely “okay”.

On my movie-meter from 1 to 10 (10 being the best), I give SMOKIN’ ACES a 6.5. Would I want to own it for my DVD collection? No.

The second film was BLOOD & CHOCOLATE. This is a young adult love story with enough action sequences, special effects and a good storyline to keep me interested all the way through the film. Set and filmed in Romania, the rustic old world scenery was just lovely and made me enjoy this film even more! If I had a chance to see this movie on the big screen again, I definitely would!

My movie meter rates BLOOD & CHOCOLATE a 9.0 and yes, I would like to own it for my DVD collection.

Just my $1.01—for what it’s worth with butter on top!
Thx & Hugs,
Sabrina )O(

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