Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006: What a Year!

2006 has been an awesome year for me! I like to thank all my friends—online & in real time—who have been very supportive & encouraging over the past twelve months. Writing *is* hard work, but it’s been worth it each and every day. Yes, I’m following my bliss!

This year’s ebook releases included CRIMSON AMBROSIA at Mardi Gras Publishing and APHRODESIA in the SPELLBOUND anthology at Aphrodite’s Apples. They are still available and have gotten some awesome reviews! Plus, I joined a few professional organizations to help me learn more about my writing craft—EPIC, Carolina Romance Writers and Romance Writers of America.

I’ve learned a lot about the epublishing industry & author biz—everything from blogs to contracts to edits and promotions. I think I’ve also gained some readers (aka ‘fans’) too! Squeeee! I also enjoyed a working vacation at Dragon*Con and met some of my favorite authors while promoting my budding career!

Now, the New Year’s around the corner! Where has the year gone??? I have lots of plans for the upcoming year, but I will post those tomorrow. However, I’d like to close by passing along a great quote I found in a fortune cookie earlier this year:

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”

This little slip of fortune cookie wisdom has inspired me throughout this past year—may it inspire you too!

Have a Safe & Happy New Year’s Eve!
Thx & Hugs,
Sabrina )O(

Sabrina Luna
Spicy Romance with a Touch of Magick


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