Thursday, December 21, 2006

To Be Released 3/17/07
At Mardi Gras Publishing


"I'm wearing something very special for you tonight, lover," the female voice purred into his ear over the telephone receiver.

Lance Arden gave a low groan.

"Leather." She paused dramatically. "A leather thong. I picked this one just for you. Do you like leather?"

"Oh, yes."

"The thong is tight between the cheeks of my derrière, lover," she cooed.

"Uh-huh," he grunted, and scratched down a couple of notes on the writing pad beside his phone. "Tell me more, Velvet."

He listened intently as the female phone actress, who called herself simply "Velvet," described her exotic attire, or lack thereof. Research was an important aspect to being a reporter, and Lance Arden, after winning several top field honors, was considered to be one of the best in his field. When he'd taken the assignment to write a special feature for Chitter-Chat magazine, he'd had no idea that phone-sex would be so addictive--or so arousing.

"Would you like to fondle my breasts tonight, lover?"

Lance drew in a ragged breath. Velvet's smooth, heated voice made his body shiver with anticipation. "Yeah, sure." He glanced down at the recent advertisement for the telephone service, STEAMY4U, lying beside him on the bed. A tempting beauty with come-hither eyes stared up at him from the glossy magazine page.

Lance put down his pen and closed his eyes. To hell with research. Tonight it would be just him and Velvet. He slipped into the intimate telephone fantasy with ease.
"Lay back and let yourself go, lover," Velvet continued. "I want to feel your sweet lips gently kissing my breasts. Would you like that?"

"Oh, yes. Very much." He exhaled slowly and let the intimate illusion completely envelope him, wrapping him in a sensual cocoon of sultry words and heated suggestions that made his male member thicken in response. In the semi-darkness of his apartment bedroom, he cradled the phone to his ear and stretched out on his bed.

"My body is excited by your touch, lover. I'm getting very hot," Velvet gasped, growing more breathless by the moment.

"Me too." Lance swallowed hard as he glided his free hand down beneath the elastic waistband of his jogging pants and fondled himself. The heated desire within him grew almost unbearable as he shifted, his elongated member brushing against his well-toned abs.

"Oh, lover. Caress me all over," the velvet voice on the other end of the phone panted, hot and heavy. "I'm excited. I want you now, lover! Don't hold back!"

The sensuous coaxing of her voice fueled his desires with heated fantasies of lust and passion. "Yeah…oh yeah, baby," he muttered, his hand encircling his now freed erection. The wild rhythmic motion of his hand drew his manhood up and down wildly.

A heated coil of longing tightened in his lower extremities, seeking, driving for release. Lance lost all sense of reason. He reeled in the steady stroke of his frantic hand as the woman's voice took him over the erogenous edge. The world within him exploded, and a stream of passion flowed from his body. He groaned deeply with release, then finally, found peace.

Excerpt from VELVET SEDUCTION -A Spicy Erotic Romance
By Sabrina Luna
To Be Released 3/17/07
At Mardi Gras Publishing

Sabrina Luna
Spicy Romance with a Touch of Magick


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