Thursday, December 14, 2006

An Interview with MGP Author Dahlia Rose

Dahlia Rose and I have two things in common. We are both authors with Mardi Gras Publishing and we both live in Charlotte NC. I met her first via the internet and thought she had a spunky personality. Last weekend, we met for coffee. Yes, folks, the rumors are true…Dahlia is as spunky in person as she is online!

So, sit back and enjoy our interview!

Sabrina: Okay, Dahlia, would you please tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

Dahlia: A little more about thirty seconds? :) Well my name is Kelly and my pen name is Dahlia Rose. I am thirty one years old in body and an eternal child in mind set. I am a transplant from the island of Barbados to New York and now in Charlotte NC. I am the mother of four beautiful yet unusual kids. I have had a life full of travels and where I have not gone, my imagination has taken me. I tend to think of my self as a fabulous freak of nature only because my taste in things varies wildly. I can be quiet and serene in one moment and the next I can be dancing at a club somewhere. But what ever I do I throw myself into it fully. If there is one thing I am full of is passion for anything I do.
Sabrina: Describe for our readers the type of stories you write, please.

Dahlia: My stories are contemporary erotica. At least that's what I like to call them. I like to write about almost any kind of characters. I have gone from Police men and soldiers to werewolves and vampires. Actually one of my characters happened to be a werewolf who was in law enforcement. A lot of my stories end up or take place in the Caribbean. I can describe the beauty and smells because I grew up in that setting. And I try to expand my horizons by writing abut places I have never been. Lots of research and I can close my eyes and be in that place to get the feel of it. No matter what my characters are doing or where they are, I try to revolve it around the present day. My love scenes can go from passionate and intense to sweet and romantic, but they are always spicy and erotic.

Sabrina: What, as a writer, inspires you?

Dahlia: My inspiration comes from being an incurable romantic. I love the thought of a happy ending, prince on a white horse or in present day terms dominant man driving a cool car. Either way he sweeps you off your feet and show you that love can be intense and romantic and especially it and be forever. For years I had to put my writing on hold, kids work and jobs came first. Plus I had hidden that part of me that wanted to believe that happy endings existed. But because of the Love of a extremely wonderful man who encouraged me to get back into my writing. The flood gates opened and my fingers have never stopped moving on those keys.

Sabrina: Tell our readers a little bit about the book you have available & where they can find it.

Dahlia: LOVE AND LIGHTS is a story that puts a tough New York City SWAT cop in the situation where he is trying to win his ex back. Victor broke up with her on Christmas Eve three years before and now he was hurt in the line of duty. He figured out it was the stupidest thing he ever did. He formulates a plan with the help of her parent to win her back. Rachel has not gotten over the break up and when she sees him for the first time in three years, she is not happy. These two have always been able to get under each other's skin and sparks fly when a blizzard keeps them in close quarters.

Readers can find LOVE AND LIGHTS at
in the Satin Rouge line.

Sabrina: What 'Works in Progress' are you currently working on?

Dahlia: I have two other books coming out with Mardi Gras Publishing in 2007. They are called THE LOVERS’ DIARY and my first full length novel PARADISE FOUND. There is a part two to PARADISE FOUND called WORDS OF LOVE that is in the works. I just completed a Valentine’s story called THE SOULMATES CURSE and I am currently working on my first vampire novel called WHEN ANGELS FALL which you might be seeing with Twilight Fantasies Publishing in the near future. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I have a few more projects waiting for my attention but one at a time.

Sabrina: What are your future plans for your career?

Dahlia: If you would have told me a year ago that writing would have been become a career for me, I would have laughed my tush off and said yeah right. But writing has always been my first love and I want to make it a full time career. My heart is in writing and I will keep working at it to become a well known best seller and hopefully be at a point in my life where I can sit ant home and create with my words. Each day new ideas about what I want to write come to me, so I plan to be at this a long time. Having a few of my books in print would not be so bad either in the future.

Thank you, Dahlia, for an awesome interview! Readers, look for LOVE AND LIGHTS now available at Mardi Gras Publishing!

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