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Blurb: When Jacqueline Hamilton is attacked by a wolf while investigating a magazine article on werewolves in Heather Grove, it’s up to pack guardian Ray McShaw to keep her safe.

However, as the full moon approaches, Ray has two problems—one, to keep from falling in love with Jac and, two, to uncover the identity of the rogue wolf bent on killing her.

Sometimes being a pack guardian really bites!

Excerpt from FULL MOON FEVER
By Sabrina Luna
Coming in October 2008
At Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
In Tradesize Paperback & Ebook formats

“You feel so wonderful.” His voice rumbled in her ear sending a wave of desire coursing through her. The warmth of his naked body over hers spiked the pleasurable sensations of their conjoined bodies. “I never thought—

Jac silenced him with a kiss, pressing her lips against his with all the fierce passion that simmered inside her. He tasted of cinnamon and primal lust as she slipped her tongue between his lips. In the back of her mind, she wondered where he’d been all her life. Her heart panged at the thought of all the lonely nights she’d been through, but now, with her body wrapped around his, she knew he was worth waiting for.

He pulled his lips from hers, trailing kisses down the column of her throat. Jac let out a low moan as the heat of his mouth stirred emotions buried deep inside her. Her sex was slick with moisture and ached with longing as he gently rocked his body against her. The pleasure of his cock inside her increased the erotic sensations. It racked her body with such passion, it was unbelievable. Then, she was falling, falling into pitch darkness. She let out a shout, crashing down onto the cold ground.

Jac sat up, naked and cold in a dark, wooded glade. Her heart pounding wildly in her chest as she glanced around, terrified. Where was he? Before she could call out, she saw a pair of glowing, wild eyes peering through the dark foliage. A low snarl echoed around her. Run! Scrambling to her feet, Jac began to run through the trees, through the thick grove of bushes. The creature was hot on her trail. She could hear its heavy panting and the snapping of twigs and the swish of brush as it drew closer and closer.

Her legs went rubbery. She lost her footing and fell, face first, onto the hard, cold ground. Jac rolled onto her back, just in time to see a black, furry creature leap into the air. Air whooshed from her lungs as the creature landed on top of her, its large, lupus-like face only inches from hers.

Jac was scared out of her wits. A scream ripped from her throat. She flailed her arms, attempting to fight. Get off me!

“Get off me!” Jac shouted, flinging the covers onto the floor. Her heart was racing as she sat up, looking around. Where was she? It took a moment to get her bearings. The room slowly came into focus. She was in bed, in a hotel room…alone.

There was no dark woods, no hideous wolf-creature attacking her. It was all a dream.

“More like a nightmare,” she muttered, retrieving the bedcover and wrapping herself in the warm, comforting material. “Damn,” Jac cursed under her breath, curling up in the bed once again. Listening to her heart return to a normal pace, the nightmare gradually dissipated as she began to focus on the day ahead.

“Time to get busy,” she sighed, tossing the cover aside and rising from the bed. A manila folder lay beside her laptop bag. Jac flipped it open, scanning its contents. Her editor’s contact had provided nothing more than a few transcriptions of town hall council meetings, a genealogical family tree and a clipping from the local newspaper.

She scanned over the scrap of paper. It was a sighting of a half-man, half-wolf spotted in town on Halloween. “A werewolf on Halloween, huh?” Jac shook her head, slipping the news clipping back into the assignment folder. “I still think it’s all a big farce,” she grumbled, but decided to get down to business—but only after a shower and a cup of coffee. These were the two things she needed every morning to jumpstart her brain.

* * *

Look for FULL MOON FEVER, coming soon!

Thx & Hugs,
Sabrina )O(

+ + +
Sabrina Luna
Spicy Romance with a Touch of Magick


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