Monday, September 29, 2008


Amira Press Halloween Short
By Sabrina Luna
Coming October 3rd in Ebook Format

Was it possible a vampire could dream? Alexander Rostov did. Vivid, lucid dreams would fill his daytime slumber. Yet, these were more than mere dreams. They were visions of the
past . . . his past. Both the good and the bad of his immortal existence would blend together in an endless stream, flowing through his mind’s eye.

Alexander was settling down to bed, just before dawn. He knew he would dream of her again and sensed the bittersweet pang of loneliness.

Outside the hotel window, he could still hear music drifting up from Bourbon Street, the giggles and laughter of the last few partiers as they stumbled off to bed before the sun rose. For every soul gathered in New Orleans, the week of Halloween was one big party. It was a time to celebrate—tourists, locals, the living, and undead. Everyone.

The heady atmosphere had drawn him to the Crescent City. Yet, uncertainty tugged at his heart like a dark phantom. Where was she? China? England? Perhaps, she had returned to her homeland, Russia. But it was now the twenty-first century. The world had changed. Yet, despite immortality, his unyielding desire for her remained unchanged.

Shifting, Alexander glided a hand down to caress his cock beneath the bedsheets. The veil to the spirit world was thin, but so, too, was the sheer barrier between love and lust.

Ah, my beloved Natasha . . .

As her name drifted through his mind, he closed his eyes and slipped into the realm of dreams.

* * *

Thx & Hugs,
Sabrina )O(

+ + +
Sabrina Luna
Spicy Romance with a Touch of Magick


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