Thursday, December 13, 2007


13 Toys from Christmases' Past

Here’s a few of the goodies I found under our family tree after Santa Claus came to visit (circa late 1970s to early 80s):

1. Baby Alive (She ate and pooped in her diaper –yuck!)
2. Bubble gum-flavored lip gloss
3. Charlie’s Angels board game
4. Cher doll’s dressing room with Bob Mackie gown collection (Oh! I wish I still had it!)
5. Derry Daring & her stunt motorcycle (Evil Knievel’s female toy-counterpart)
6. Hardy Boys t-shirt and Shaun Cassidy bell-bottom pants (I thought I was sooo cool –haha!)
7. Hot pink bean bag chair (It matched my bedroom—yes, it was pink!)
8. Pink bicycle with banana seat & plastic basket on the front
9. Star Wars board game (Yes, the original movie and, yes, a board game—I still have it too!)
10. Stereo with headphones, AM-FM radio & 8-track player (Yep, late 1970s)
11. Tape Recorder with built-in microphone (I used to record songs off the radio)
12. TV Magic Cards (Remember those???)
13. Zany (Avon’s pre-teen fragrance and a favorite stocking stuffer for Santa!)

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