Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Recommended Read: GOTHIC BLUE

I’ve been reading Black Lace books since the late 1990s. They’ve always been highly original and continentally flavored, which I really enjoy. Recently BL’s re-released GOTHIC BLUE by Portia Da Costa, a very unique paranormal erotica story.

While traveling on holiday, Belinda and her boyfriend, Jonathan, are left stranded by a thunderstorm. Coming upon an old, gothic-style priory they are taken in by Count Andre von Kastel and his unusual servants. They spiral into an adventure of surreal luxuries and erotic encounters that are both otherworldly and exciting. However, the longer they stay, the more they learn about their mysterious host and the dark secrets he keeps.

Click here for a sample of GOTHIC BLUE

I highly recommend GOTHIC BLUE for those who enjoy dark fantasy, paranormal and erotica all-rolled into one story. Oh, good news, Ms. Da Costa is now busy at work on GOTHIC HEAT, a sequel to her classic Black Lace title –YAY!

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Sabrina )O(

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