Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oh, Kiss My Tiara!

According to an ABC News report, ‘What’s Wrong with Being A Princess’, “It’s hard to find a girl who hasn't dreamt of donning a ball gown and a pair of glass slippers.”

"I think it's normal for kids to kind of fanaticize roles, to try them on for size," said UCLA child psychiatrist Dr. Mark DeAntonio. "And both boys and girls do this, and it's a very normal thing."

However, Disney has made more than $3 billion on princess paraphernalia last year and some find the marketing a bit ‘troubling’.

Peggy Orenstein, who has written extensively about women's issues, questions whether perfect-looking princesses are good role models for girls. She wants children to live in reality, not fantasy.

Orenstein says, “It's hard for young girls to see past the glitz and glamour of a princess. All they know is that Cinderella is really pretty, and she has a lot of bling.”

Andy Mooney, chairman of Disney consumer products worldwide, believes the characters he creates are good role models. "They are caring, they are loving, they are friendly, they are courteous," he said of his princess creations.

But some experts say kids learn their core values from real people in their lives, not from made-up princesses. In the long run, an affection for all things pink and sparkly may not matter.

"The values that kids really pick up on and incorporate are really more the values they're exposed to with their family, within their community, with people," DeAntonio said.

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I grew up on Walt Disney goodies and wanted to be a princess when I grew up too –but Princess Diana beat me to it. IMHO, she was a real life example of a good hearted, humanitarian princess. I see nothing wrong with little girls and boys dressing up and creating wonderful, rich fantasies—include princesses and pirates. Let kids be kids and have some fun!

Just my $1.01—for what it’s worth!
Her Royal Highness,
‘Princess’ Sabrina )O(

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