Saturday, April 07, 2007

Details of the Hunt: An Excellent Romance!

Laura Baumbach’s DETAILS OF THE HUNT boldly goes where no M/M erotic romance has gone before! Although the couple is male, one is a 18th century human pirate and the other a bounty-hunting alien species. Despite their obvious differences, the couple’s quest for love and fulfillment make this story an excellent romance!

Captain Aidan Maymon is rescued from a watery-doom by gray-skinned ocean deity. However, he discovers that it’s no ‘sea god’, but Talos of Oracan –who has agreed to bring the pirate back to the future for an intergalactic deal. After ruthless mercenaries attack Talo’s ship, the Oracan warrior is forced force to land at a space station. Maymon and Talos find themselves drawn to each other during their stay, but a dangerous foe is waiting in the shadows to apprehend the 18th century pirate for his own twisted motives.

Nominated for a 2006 EPPIE, Ms. Baumbach weaves her erotic romance with humor, time-traveling and science fantasy. DETAILS OF THE HUNT a unique read that will keep you engrossed until the last page!

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