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Condoms: The Best Way To Get It On In Erotic Fiction???

I’ve been writing erotic fiction since 1997 and the issue of condoms in stories has come up (no pun intended) several times. I will admit that, yes, it can throw the reader if the couple have to stop in the heat of the moment and slid into a rubber—much like in real life. However, I also agree that, yes, a story IS fiction. Sometimes practicing safe sex is not used in a story because it IS a fantasy and not a real situation.

My own personal writing rule regarding condoms is that I only write in condoms IF it is a contemporary story and the couple is having sexual intercourse for the first time or any time anal sex is being engaged. Just my personal rule though. I’m sure other authors may differ in how they use the latex sheath in their erotic works.

Recently, I came across this newly developed little wonder—the Pronto ™ condom! When I first watched the demo of easy of its application, I giggled…but wow, it’s a cool and practical idea! Bravo to the inventors of Pronto ™!


Pronto ™ may be ideal for safer real life sex, but it may also help erotic writers with a quicker, smoother way of working a condom into our stories. Just my $1.01, for what it’s worth!

So, authors and readers, how do you feel about condoms in your modern, contemporary erotic stories? We’d love to hear what YOU think! Comments, as always, are welcomed.

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Blogger Tam said...

As far as condoms in your modern, contemporary erotic stories, no problem. It should be in them, you never know when a younger reader might read the book.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Sabrina Luna said...

Tam, I like the 'warning' in the front of the UK's Black Lace titles: "...Contains sexual fantasies. In real life, always practice safe sex."

As far as younger readers go, its like all other forms of entertainment media -- all boils down to *personal* responsibility, IMHO. Its up to the reader, no matter what age, to determine how to interpt the material and should not impose limits on the writer's creativity. Again, just my $1.01. :)

10:04 AM  
Blogger Amie Stuart said...

That is an amazing condom! =)

Personally yes, I write in condoms but I try to do it subtlely (did I spell that right?)--subtly-oh well, you know what I mean so there's not this big, they blah blha blha and then stopped while they fumbled with a condom and it ripped and they had to get another etc etc... *g*

10:09 AM  
Blogger Katrina Strauss said...

Condoms in fictional fantasy...it depends. In my trilogy, the Eldritch Legacy, each book boths pays homage to and slightly spoofs three different genres -- the medieval bodice ripper, the naughty Regency, and the urban noir contemporary. Naturally, there was no mention of birth control or safe sex in the first two books...because they're historicals, and we know in historical fiction the girls dont' get pregant until the author sees fit. *laugh* So as contrast/statement in the third book, the contemporary, I pointedly bring up safe sex, with one couple using condoms and the other relying on The Pill. However, in a recent contemporary paranormal short, I eschewed safe sex practices because the story was already pretty fantastical to start with, and I like to think my readers are intelligent and know the difference between fantasy and reality. :)

As for younger readers...considering some critics would argue that writing about pre-marital sex, or heck even post-marital sex, is in itself irresponsible and could lead the young and innocent down the road to moral ruin...again I think we can trust our readers' intelligence. Personally before I started writing romance and erotica, I read them to escape the real world and the problems it contains. Just my opinion!

Oh and as for the condom ad...snap!!! *LOL*
~ Kitty

10:19 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

I just love that demo! What a fun way to put on a condom! I'd want to carry lots of them and just go around, putting them on guys for fun! Snap, snap!

I don't care if condoms are used in fiction, contemporary or otherwise, in general. In some contemporary stories, though, I will think about the fact that we have a woman who just jumped into bed (or against a wall) with a guy she just met, no condom, no nothing. But when I'm looking for a fantasy, I don't get picky. The fact is, while we probably use condoms far more than we ever have, there are still a great number of people who take dumb risks.

When I fantasize about sex myself, I don't usually worry about condoms, so why should it matter in fiction, unless it's relevant to the story itself? I don't mind condom use in a story, but I don't want it in all stories I read; I just like the freedom to not worry about disease and pregnancy.

As you said, the Black Lace titles tell you to "always practice safe sex," and I don't think they're obligated to do that, but it's nice. I believe in protecting young persons, but I don't think adult books need to be written to protect kids who might pick them up. It's adult entertainment, and I want to be entertained like an adult.

3:28 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Just to be clear, when I said I don't use condoms when I fantasize about sex, I meant in my mind. I have a boyfriend, and our sex life is an unrelated issue, but I always practice safe sex in real life.

3:30 PM  
Blogger Candice Gilmer said...

I think it depends on how it's done, myself. I've read some erotica where the condom caused a "dull" moment in the story, even though it was a contemporary.

In one story, I'm opting for other methods of safer sex, like the pill and other things, just because sometimes, if it's not done right, the condom can seem clunky. (Is it me, or does that sound odd?) And I don't particularly like how I write scenes with them.

4:19 PM  

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